project description

The coming 2 years research will be carried out on two topics: disinfection of hospital waste water and heat recovery from sewers.

Several SME’s from the Northern Netherlands and the German Ems Dollart Region will cooperate around the hospital water theme. The use of antibiotics made a substantial difference in the fight against microorganisms. Resistance towards these substances has however increased drastically over the past years. Hospital acquired infections are increasingly caused by multidrug resistant microorganisms. Furthermore, it has been shown that resistance factors present in a hospital are transferred to the hospital waste water which are then transported to centralized municipal wastewater treatment plants. Several studies suggest that wastewater treatment plants are reservoirs for resistance factors which are then mixed with large streams of sewage and storm water. One way of preventing the release of resistant traits into the water environment is removing these traits from the waste water at the source, the hospital. Within this project new innovative technologies will be tested at the demonstration site at the hospital of Sneek.

Heat recovery from sewers is a more common practice in Switzerland and Germany. In the Netherlands, however, more and more attention is paid to his topic. Within the project the focus will be on business cases for small scale heat recovery projects, fouling of heat exchangers and the development of a GIS- (geographic information system) tool to match the supply and demand of heat. The focus of this work package is located on the German side of the border.

The following German companies participate: DE.ENCON, OOWV, IRO GmbH, Stadt Aurich, Ing.büro Kann-Dehn.
From Dutch side the following companies are involved: Biotrack, Water Waves, EasyMeasure, Bright Spark, Pharmafilter, Westra, Pure Green, Gemeente Groningen, KWR, Waterbedrijf Groningen, Westt en Wetsus.

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