Pharmafilter is an integral concept for the healthcare, treatment of waste and purification of wastewater for hospitals.
The concept is cleaner, more efficient and easier for the patient and its nursing staff; there is more efficiency and hygiene in handling the hospital waste; less contact moments with contaminated waste. Locally the solid waste and wastewater are processed, purified and stripped of all harmful substances for people, animals and the environment.

Pharmafilter The waste water process contributes importantly to prevent that medicines get in to the surface water. A subject that gets more and more public attention. Pharmafilter Research on semi-technical and full scale proved to clean remove the water from medicines, germs, cytostatica, röntgen contrast liquids and hormone disturbing substances below their detection limits. Pharmafilter uses different purification steps to clean the waste water. The first waste water stage step takes place in is the bio reactor where activated sludge eats removes heavy metals, nitrogenes and phosphates. During the next step the membranes take out viruses and bacteria. Only water can pass through these porous straws. The third cleaning step is the treatment with multiple an advanced oxidation process. The dissolved solution remains of micro pollutants will literally be burntoxidized here. Finally the water is treated with activated e coalcarbon filtration. The last traces of medicines, endocrine disruptors and x-ray fluids liquids are adsorbed. The purified water is very clean and can be reused as process water, for example for flushing the toilets.

The hospital Reinier de Graaf Gasthuis in Delft is the first hospital that uses the Pharmafilter concept. ZorgSaam in Terneuzen installs Pharmafilter the total process in 2013.

Results of the demonstration project at Reinier de Graaf hospital, Delft, the Netherlands, in april 2012

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PAO cursus
4th Waste water congress artikel

Down Stream to improve performance of membrane filtration
M. Remy, S. Vellinga, H. van Dalfsen, J. Kruit, E. Koetse and N. Wortel

Van ‘Proof of Principle’ naar Full Scale
Erwin Koetse en Nico Wortel, Pharmafilter
Marije Paardekooper, Hoogheemraadschap van Delfland

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