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Wetsus, collaborates with 14 EU knowledge institutes and 90 world wide companies.
Wetsus acts as Technological Top Institute for Water technology. Multidisciplinary research is performed by 60 PhD students which are mostly located in the Wetsus laboratories in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. These researchers from around the world are scientifically supervised by scientific chairs around Europe. Wetsus’ scientific research program is defined by the private and public water sector and conducted by leading universities.

Since the beginning of Wetsus, the subjects of source separation and micropollutants and their effects have been of great interest.

Within the topic of source separation of wastewater streams it is the aim to develop a more effective and efficient treatment system for specific wastewater streams. Initially we worked with source separated household waste water: blackwater (toilet discharges) and greywater (discharges of hand basins, showers, bath, washing machine and kitchen sinks). The goal was to treat wastewater while recovering valuable resources such as energy, nutrients and water at the same time that pathogens and micropollutants are removed before discharge or reuse. Relevant research documents can be found below.

Hospital wastewater is normally discharged into sewers but we believe that source control at the hospital itself provides a better solution to protect human health and environment.

Within Denewa is our goal to develop a concept for disinfection of hospital wastewater with specific focus on antibiotic resistant bacteria using phages.

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